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Creating a confident, capable workforce
one student at a time.


Blossoms Workforce Academy LLC, supports healthcare and general businesses to develop a confident, capable and competent workforce. Our mission is to develop a workforce, that has been empowered with knowledge, skills and ethical work practice to promote the best interests of local healthcare providers and general businesses within Volusia County and to the wider
State of Florida.

We feel passionate about working with our learners to help them become a confident worker, but to also use the learning and qualifications they have acquired to promote best practice and show a passion and pride in the careers they have chosen. Our success, is truly their success, and sharing individual success with the wider community.

First aid, cpr
and basic life support classes

Considering a career path in healthcare? Look no further than our basic life support training programs. With more than twenty years in health and social care, Paul offers knowledge and experience that transcends all healthcare boundaries. Our classes ensure you get the most out of your training, which includes your textbooks, workbooks, quality skills sessions and skills lab reviews.

Assisted living CLASSES

Blossoms Workforce Academy is the premier and affordable training facility for anyone with an interest in assisted living. Our 3-day comprehensive training program provides our students not only with theory‑based curriculum, but also real life, practical examples and experiences from the owner of an assisted living facility.

Customer Service
AND Management

Taught by Blossoms CEO Paul Sturdgess, this popular course is beneficial to anyone looking to enhance their leadership and management skills through a variety of topics. Paul shares his experiences from the creation of Blossoms from his bedroom in the United Kingdom in 2007, to the growth into a multimillion dollar company and expansion into the United States today



Paul Sturdgess

Paul has over 24 Years of experience working in Health and Social Care in both the UK and the USA as well as a Bachelors Degree with First Class Honors in Health and Social Care. Paul is also a Core Trainer with the Department of Elder Affairs, ServSafe Food Handler and Food Manager Instructor/Proctor. He is also a qualified Instructor with the American Red Cross.

Paul also enjoys  being a local leader in industry specific groups such as COPE (Community Outreach and Professional Education) and FALA (Florida Assisted Living Association). Additionally, he is an active member of the Deland Chamber of Commerce


You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

"My training experience at Blossoms Workforce Academy was awesome! I've learned so much and my hopes are to pass the state exam with flying colors!"
- Ruth Moore
CNA Student
"This class is wonderful just the way it is, everything was explained well and the overall environment of the class is excellent!"
- Staci Martelli
CNA Student
"My instructor was excellent. She broke down everything so I could understand, and for that I am grateful."
- Keisha Cotto
CPR Student
Blossoms Workforce Academy LLC is an enterprise which believes in an individual's learning journey, and how this relates to the employers they go on to share their careers with. We believe that our role is to strengthen, mentor, impart knowledge and lead by strong ethical practice, the learners within our community. We believe that our role is diverse. The work we do impacts everybody and it's paramount to us that we lead, deliver and excel in what we do.
Paul Sturdgess
- Chief Executive Officer
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