About us

50 years of experience in caring, business and training: our aim is always to provide the highest quality, and we always strive to find better ways of working, to ensure that we never become complacent in the services we offer.

To Teach

Under the leadership of Paul Sturdgess and Lewis Salter, and the loving support of our parents, Brenda and Philip,  Blossoms has been operational since 2007, and was born through the passion and desire to inspire care and support that embraced, empowered and enabled a person centered environment for people to receive high quality services.  We are a family business, dedicated to family values, and an all inclusive business, embracing diversity.

To Empower

Blossoms provides here and overseas, Assisted Living, Supported Living, Home Care and Training Services to those who receive services, but also to empower the staff that provide services.  In this way, Paul and Lewis hope to achieve a rounded service that compliments every stakeholder involved.

To Provide

With over 50 years of experience in caring, business and training, we feel we are in an excellent place to share those passions with others and in some way influence brighter future for clients, families and also the workforce who serves to provide care to the most vulnerable in our communities.

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